K & R Welfare and Placement Services is PNG owned business. Located in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, it is operated by a team of qualified professionals to provide welfare and psycho-social support, case management, job placement, contract negotiation and management, assisted voluntary returns and re-integration of asylum seekers (refugees and non-refugees), support internally displaced people including individuals and groups.

Our Staff

The professionals leading the K & R Welfare and Placement Services have over 15 years experience in counselling, risk assessment, case management, statistical analysis (Microsoft Excel, Stata, SPSS) and contract negotiation and modelling.

Our Partners

We work with agencies, organizations, companies, groups and individuals in PNG and overseas that provide similar services or those that require our services.

Our Fees

We are paid according to the job specification and duration.

Our Success Stories

With the consent of our clients, we share success stories to captivate and encourage more people to seek support through our services or to partner with us to provide similar services.